Choose Your OneHardware and Networking Training in Nepal

Hardware and network has major role in the advancement of IT industry. With progress on the software and technology, the hardware and network also should be improved accordingly. Hardware and networking course is all about the skills to execute and deal with hardware and network components. Hardware handles physical components and networking is all about connecting of system with devices. This course consists of comprehensive understanding in both areas.

Hardware and Networking Training in Nepal

Hardware and Networking course builds both practical and theoretical understanding for operating a system. Trainees will discover to make out and get the most of hardware. They will also be trained to execute, comprehend functionality and troubleshooting the network components. Also, they will understand to incorporate components. To recognize the types of issues that happen in the system and resolve the ones that can be worked out. Hardware and Networking training in Nepal is planned for students to achieve understanding in hardware and networks.This training course is mainly focused to develop understanding and skills of the students in computer hardware and networking. A computer system has a range of integrated parts usually known as hardware. Most of the integrated parts work mutually for appropriate performance of a computer system. If a computer does not operate, it may because of the trouble in anyone of the components. After learning Hardware and Networking course you will be capable to identify and solve the problems.Networking is all about the physical link of cables with computer system and other computing devices within LAN or WAN. The networking training offered by DIT Solution will build up knowledge and skills to arrange internet and intranet in residence or association. Together with configuration, it also offers the knowledge to resolve every kind of problems based on the network failure and connections.

Hardware and Networking Training Course Highlights

  • Learn basic hardware and networking components
  • Understand the causes, effects and solutions of common hardware and network failure
  • Get familiar with the Tools and techniques to look after hardware and networking components
  • Practical understanding on hardware and networking configuration
  • Learn the major aspects of Internet and Intranet
  • Project work

Benefits of Hardware and Networking Training in DIT Solution

  • Proficient hardware and networking experts as tutors
  • Proper guidance in hardware and networking certification exams
  • Accessibility of entire hardware and networking resources for training
  • Internship and job placement opportunity for deserved students
  • Practical classes in real working scenario

Syllabus Outline


  • Introduction
  • DOS
  • Hardware components
  • Memory
  • Installing operating System
  • Motherboard
  • Cards
  • Disk Partition
  • Formatting
  • Microprocessors
  • Expansions
  • Assembling PC
  • Virus
  • Printers, Scanners,
  • Upgrading Computer
  • Troubleshooting


  • Introduction
  • Windows
  • Networking components
  • Topologies
  • Transfer media
  • Servers
  • Peer to peer n/w installation
  • Networking printer installation
  • Resources
  • Drivers
  • Internet
  • Troubleshooting


  • Provide in depth understanding of all the computer devices. After joining the class, the student can alone assemble, disassemble computer, do installation software, configuration network devices, computers in the network, much more.
  • To get familiar on how computer works; input and output system, power cabling system, storage systems.
  • To identify and bring together different parts of hardware such as CPU, RAM, motherboard, processor, data and power cables
  • To be capable of installing, uninstalling software and troubleshoot software related problems.
  • To be able to recognize, connect and build up different types and parts of network.
  • To be able to identify and troubleshoot issues based on the network adapters.
  • Provide basic concepts and then to build skills and logic needed while handling hardware and network connected scenarios

Who can join hardware and networking course?

  • Basic computer knowledge and its operation are more benefited
  • Beneficial for the one who uses the computers regularly.
  • Students willing to further their understanding in computer hardware and network.
  • Job hunters with a desire to take entrance into entry level computer hardware and networking positions.
  • Students preparing for certification exams based on hardware and network like A+, MCSE and CISCO
  • Professional working in IT related sector to build expertise in their work.

Hardware and Networking course in Nepal is a very well-liked along with the demand of hardware and technicians growing quickly. If you are interested to join this training then always feel free to contact us anytime you desire. We will be happy to serve you and take your career path smoothly.