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Internship Service

DIT solution welcomes students and trainees from all over the world to connect with our vibrant, successful internship programs in Kathmandu. Our internship program is dedicated to proficient and delicate growth of interns.

Our services on provides are besieged at offering students with a exclusive internship opportunity, while continuously managed by the team of skillful IT professionals and researchers all over the internship session. On a decade long internship program, we have had almost 800 trainees from different parts of country throughout the globe.

This internship plan aims to provide to be a lifetime opportunity for the one who take part; students will get to contact a new perspective in their career determining procedure.

DIT solution believes that internship programs can offer the best way for its students to a resourceful prospect and successful work approach in order to progress a worthwhile profession. We offer practical learning and applicant direct indication on their entity career aim to build the heart of professional viewpoint for students.

Why DIT Solution?

  • A planned work experience based on a student’s main career objective
  • An experience that should improve a student’s academic, career, and personal development
  • Managed by a well qualified students in the field
  • An experience that is mutually agreed upon by the student, supervisor and/or faculty member

Contact us for more information, DIT solution offers interns and students the understanding of working with IT Nepalese business. This has more than the years allowable appropriate improvement of their inter-cultural ability and assisted students to achieve the knowledge of the background and understanding of Nepalese culture and history.